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Functional Medicine in Los Angeles

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What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine looks into the underlying causes of various health concerns, rather than just treating the apparent symptoms. Looking deeper into the health issue gives a broader approach to treatment, which can be highly customized for a person’s lifestyle. Here at PiqueBH, we offer functional medicine in Los Angeles and nearby areas.

What characterizes functional medicine?

functional medicine in los angeles

●     Its goal is overall health

Let’s say you’re feeling a bit under the weather. Your blood pressure shoots up so you pay your doctor a visit. He gives you your usual medication and you feel better. But was the real cause of your hypertension tackled? Not likely.

Prescription drugs basically the symptoms, at least temporarily. But unfortunately over time, you might become too dependent on these medications.  It’s either you’ll need a higher dosage or you could become resistant altogether.

A functional medicine doctor promotes overall health care to prevent any ailment from occurring. If you, by chance, contracted any disease, we will get to the bottom of it, treat the root cause, and help you fully recover.

A functional medicine approach does not just look at the symptoms. We will also look into other factors affecting your health like your lifestyle, food preferences and environment.

Additionally, we’ll keep your emotional state in check, as being in stressful situations can cause your body to become dysfunctional over time.

●      It uses a holistic approach

Functional medicine views the body as a whole and not composed of separate organs. Treatment isn’t just focused on only one part of the body.

Conventional treatment usually involves several doctors looking into separate parts of your body.

There are internal medicine specialists, pulmonary and neuro specialists, to name a few. If you are suffering from recurring migraines, you will need to see a particular specialist. If you are having hypertensive bouts, you will need to visit another.

In functional medicine, we use integrative treatments. This means that both holistic and conventional approaches are considered to improve a patient’s condition. The treatment plan could include both prescriptive medication and lifestyle change.

●     It provides individualized treatment

Each patient is treated differently under the functional medicine approach and will have a customized treatment plan. We believe that there shouldn’t be a “one size fits all” system when it comes to health care.

Even those who suffer from the same chronic condition require treatment apart from the other, because symptoms come from different causes and getting to the root of the problem is paramount.

Functional medicine doctors will create a treatment plan for you. Expect an in-depth discussion and assessment with your doctor. He or she will most likely probe into your background, lifestyle, even past and present relationships, as these factors greatly affect your overall health.

How does the whole process work?

  1. Your functional medicine doctor gathers information during your initial appointment. The more open you can be in sharing your lifestyle and behavioral history, the more helpful it will be for your doctor to identify the root cause of what ails you.
  2. Your doctor will identify what threats or difficulties you could have encountered while exposed to your current environment.
  3. Once all substantial information is obtained, she will provide a diagnosis with the use of medical procedures and other tests. She will then prepare a customized treatment plan that may involve both natural and conventional approaches.

Is functional medicine for me?

In functional medicine, we treat the patient, not the disease. Unlike conventional treatments, we focus on your uniqueness and try to determine how genetics, lifestyle and emotions create particular dysfunctions.

We are not here to just treat your chronic condition. We are also committed to understanding, assessing and preventing it from recurring.

Our functional medicine practitioner treats your body as a whole system. Health triggers like toxins and stress can cause chronic ailments and we seek to understand why you are having specific symptoms in the first place.

Any chronic ailment can be better managed with a functional medicine approach. Your health is in your hands and we are here to actively partner with you to restore it once and for all.

Are you looking for a functional medicine practitioner?

The therapy or treatment used by functional medicine doctors varies from patient to patient. Rather than just treating the symptoms, the focus is healing. Because this is a more holistic and personalized approach with the goal of finding the root of the problem, it provides a better outcome than just treating based on symptoms.

functional medicine

Functional Medicine in Los Angeles

At PIQUE, we aim to support each patient to function fully and become a better version of themselves. We let you heal at your own pace and with full respect to your specific boundaries.

Headed by Dr. Nell Smircina, our team at piquebh.com is highly skilled and experienced to provide customized holistic health care for each patient. From individualized techniques to lifestyle modification plans, our functional medicine team is committed to creating the best treatment suited to your goals. Contact us today.

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