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Creating your 2021 New Year Health Strategy

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Why is the new year such a great time to develop a health strategy? Why do I need a health strategy? And most importantly, what is a health strategy? We will answer all of these questions in the blog below. 

New Years is a time of reflection, reorganization and of course, resolutions! The difference between goals and resolutions are the planning and strategy behind them. How many times have we made a resolution and not had any strategy or plan to actually make that happen? They often end in failure, or at least suboptimal success. 

The key to reaching any health goals is a sound strategy. We often think we need to go at this alone, or that google will have all the answers. We often forget that there are qualified professions who do this for a living. That’s not usually the $19.99 get your six pack abs infomercial however. We need to pick a practitioner that is able to help us on an individual level. 

Why is this individualized approach important when creating your health strategy? You may have similar symptoms to your friend or family member, but there is likely a different pattern, system, or cause of these symptoms. You and your best friend may both be suffering from fatigue or insomnia, but what is causing your insomnia may be drastically different than hers. That means it requires a completely different treatment plan. The exciting part about this, however, is that specificity yields impressive results. The more targeted we are with our approach, the better you will feel. 

So very often the symptoms we write off as “normal aging” are signs of something deeper occuring. The good news is these pesky signs of aging can often be reversed or prevented if we identify the cause and create a sound health strategy. It’s all too easy to write off fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, poor sleep or poor recovery from workouts. We can say, “oh I’m just stressed” or “everyone I know is tired”, but the truth is your symptoms have their own physiological cause. 

The New Year is the perfect time to look at last year and decide how you want this year to be different when it comes to your health. Yes, you get to choose this! If you were experiencing fatigue, burn out, decreased focus, low libido, poor muscle recovery, or just simply feeling like a lesser version of you, this is the time to do things differently. What would life look like if you were energized, focused, sleeping well and felt good waking up and getting out of bed each morning? 

PIQUE Health is offering a 2021 New Year Health Optimization Strategy to help you reach your goals and feel like a better version of you.

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