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Helping your business reach it's Pique

Helping Businesses

Incorporate Acupuncture

PIQUE Acupuncture helps you meet the constantly evolving needs in the healthcare and wellness industries. Many businesses are interested in a progressive, revenue increasing, client centered approach to their offerings. Not everyone knows exactly what that offering could look like or how simple it could be with the right guidance. Acupuncture is an essential health benefit in CA, can enhance results from other therapies clients are choosing, and boost performance and recovery. Acupuncture offerings can be catered to the specific clientele of the business.


We leverage our subject matter expertise to help businesses incorporate acupuncture, with as much involvement as needed. We can do everything from designing a viable framework for incorporating acupuncture, to providing qualified acupuncturists, supplies, etc. We cater to the needs of each individual business to make it as successful a program as possible.

Medical practices:

Acupuncture is a perfect compliment to many medical practices, such as urology, fertility, orthopedic, surgeons, etc


Acupuncture is extremely effective for recovery, and can be used for cosmetic benefit as well.

Hotel or luxury spa

Incorporate acupuncture into current spa offerings to increase revenue and stand out among competitors.

Corporate office

Pop up events where we bring acupuncture to them for a day, or wellness programs for employees.